A New Staple

Sunnies: Tom Ford (gifted), Tank: Charlotte Ruse, Jean Jacket: T.J Maxx, Skirt: Downtown Threads, Bangles: Gifted, Sandals: Payless

Last week while I was at Downtown Threads for Fashion’s Night Out  I fell head over heels for this skirt’s pattern when I saw it hanging on the rack. The skirt itself is a medium weight knit making it crazy hot today perfect for cooler fall days and even into winter when layered with tights. There’s about a million ways I want to style this skirt and honestly it’s quite frustrating that I can’t wear it everyday.

Originally I wanted to wear my black wedges (seen here) but the skirt isn’t quite long enough and too much of the heels were visible. I’ve always thought the perfect length is when your shoe is fully covered and the hem of your skirt/dress/pants is just barely brushing the ground but now that I have so many fun heels I want to show them off. Most of my heels are at least three inches so unless I purposely buy “tall” pants/skirts there’s no way I’ll be able to cover them up come cooler weather. I guess I’m still trying to find the sweet spot as far as length goes.

How much shoe is it acceptable to show?

14 responses to “A New Staple

  1. I can understand why you fell head over heels for that skirt. The pattern is fantastic and I love it paired with the jean jacket. ❤

  2. I totally feel you on the shoe conundrum. Here’s my rule: if you’re going to go long, make them obviously “long”. I think a loose pant flopping around someone’s ankles looks sloppy. If you still want to wear pants and show off the shoes, go obviously short, like with a cuffed jean or Minnie style, you know?

    Also, love the skirt!

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  3. love that pretty skirt!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. So not surprised that you fell in love with this skirt — It’s super adorable!!!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    • I’m not going to lie Bonnie, I did a happy dance when I found the skirt! I’m really excited because the bold colors are going to be so fun to play up this fall/winter!

  5. Your skirt is gorgeous! the shoe conundrum is always tricky. I hate when I have my heart set on wearing a particular shoe only to put it on with my outfit and realize it doesn’t quite work. bleh! Maybe a strappy heeled sandal would work as opposed to a wedge. I find that showing a lot of foot looks great when a skirt or pants is not quite long enough.

    • I usually design my outfit around whatever shoe I decided to wear that day so when they don’t work out I’m totally thrown off! I’m going to have to play around with the strappy sandal/skirt ratio.

  6. Love that skirt! The print is perfect!

  7. I love that skirt! It looks soooo good on you, and I love it with the jean jacket!

    My rule of thumb is toe cleavage. If I can see toe cleavage, it’s the right length. If not (just a little of my toe peaking out, for instance), it’s too long.

  8. Gorgeous skirt, I love the tie waist! I always have that problem with skirts and pants too, some things I HAVE to wear heels with or they drag on the ground, others I CAN’T wear heels or they look kinda silly, like they’re too short but not cropped on purpose. Sigh, I don’t think there’s one answer to the problem!

  9. I can see why you fell in love with that skirt. It’s really special. It looks super cute with the black tank and jean jacket.

    I like all of my shoe showing sometimes. But not with the long wide leg pants and jeans. I like to wear four inch heels and the pants to touch the ground. It makes my short legs look a mile long.


  10. oh my so in love with the skirt! the colors are gorgeous! and i am in love with your hair

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