Celebrating Wore Out’s 6 Month Milestone…a day late

Me: “I’ll be there in 1o minutes”

D: “Is that 10 minutes Caitlin time or real world time? Because 10 minutes Caitlin time is closer to 35 minutes real world time.”

Doesn’t it just figure that I would fall in love with a man who has his morning routine scheduled down to the minute? So in true Caitlin fashion I’m celebrating my six month blogging anniversary a day late!

The picture above is from my very first Wore Out outfit post! It’s hard to believe that  6 months (and a day) ago I was wearing this

Thank you to everyone who has helped Wore Out (and in turn me) get here! I wouldn’t have made it a week let alone 6 months without your words of support, expert advice and willingness to snap pictures of me acting a fool all over Burlington. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months hold!

How long have you been blogging? What do you wished you’d known when you were starting out?

3 responses to “Celebrating Wore Out’s 6 Month Milestone…a day late

  1. Happy “half anniversary”!!!!! :-)))))
    I´m like you… always saying: “Just 10 minutes” (altough I can say this three times before being ready!!)

    Me, I´m also a new blogger; I started in past June after spending several years following hundreds of blogs! I´ve always prefered to read blogs rather than watching TV!

    Keep on rocking babe!!

    XOXO from Spain!


  2. Contests on your six months! I must admit, your posts about your blog-iverssary, are how I keep track of mine. Happy six months to both of us!

    (I am really on a commenting roll today, haha.)

    • Haha love it! I comment in batches too. Congrats on your 6 months of blogging, maybe for our year we can do something crazy… like go shopping in NYC! Joint post!

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