Flirty Florals

Sunnies: Zinnia, Dress: H&M, Sweater: Consignment Shop on Cape Cod, Bracelets: Gifted, Slip: Vintage (via Downtown Threads), Wedges: Target, Bag: ALDO, Belt: Battery Street Jeans

Vermont has been blessed with beautiful weather as we continue to clean up and rebuild after Irene. The pictures coming out of central and southern Vermont are heart breaking but many are vowing to rebuild; refusing to let Irene take any more from them. For more information about how you can help those affected please contact the Red Cross or visit VTResponse.

 These photos were taken at Perkins Pier by my friend Kat last week.and I’m really glad that I took a chance on this trapeze dress from H&M. I wasn’t sure if the colors or the cut would work on me but I like how the outfit ended up coming together. Since the floral pattern of the dress has a lot going on I opted to keep my accessories simple but bright. The knit green cardigan brought out the colors in the dress’s fun print  and I love how the yellow wedges and the orange bag play off each other.

Since the dress was a bit shorter than I usually wear to the office I layered a vintage lace trimmed slip under it. Not only does the lace adds a really nice feimine touch but it keeps things modest and professional enough for me to wear to the office.

What colors or patterns have you been playing around with recently? How strict is your workplace about dress code?


16 responses to “Flirty Florals

  1. Love how you put a slip with this…I’ve done the same thing. I think slips are long neglected and seriously need to make a comeback! The florals look great on you! ~Serene

  2. lovely dress ! You look so pretty, love the addition of the lacy slip, brilliant idea. Love the yellow and gold touches on your outfit, especially the yellow shoes.I must get one of these!


  3. Ok. I’m officially mad at myself that I didn’t get those shoes at Target when I saw them. They look so great on you! My corporate workplace is semi-stritct. I see people pushing the line (usually not in a good way) and then I see women wearing suits every day. It definitely depends on your position. The higher you are, the more dressed up people usually are. Personally I wear sleeveless tops and dresses with sleeves wide enough that my bra doesn’t show and skirts or dresses only a few inches above my knee at the most. I’ve seen girls wear Bermuda shorts here – that’s not something I would ever feel comfortable wearing.

    • Thanks Catherine! When I picked these wedges up they were on summer clearance and I just couldn’t say no to their $7.89 price tag. I agree with you shorts are usually a no no for the office… though I did wear a pair of high waisted, hot pink, vintage shorts to the office not too long ago… but I digress. My office is pretty relaxed when it comes dress code and is freezing year round so I’m usually bundled up. The dress I’m wearing above is about as short as I get for the office (if I’m not wearing leggings) and if I’ve got a tank top on I’m always wearing a cardigan or blazer.

  4. Those are some great wedges!

  5. See, now you’ve taken a scenario that I fear (slip showing) and turned it into a chic outfit. How did you do that? It must take the right dress and the right slip… if there’s an equation, I want to learn it.

    • Haha I’ve always been terrible at math so there’s no equation, it’s more like a recipe!

      First choose a skirt that is looser/flouncy to prevent slip bunching
      Find a slip with a thick lace boarder (the slip I’m wearing in these pictures has almost 3″ of lace) that way you have plenty of lace too show without the actual slip part poking out
      Have enough of your slip peeking out so that people know it’s on purpose (and not just a fashion fail), make sure the amount showing is even the whole way around.
      Combine those three things and you’ve got yourself one heck of a fashionable skirt layer cake!

      Can’t wait to see how you rock it!

  6. Amazing pictures!Thank you so much 🙂
    xx Tanja

  7. Love this look! Great shoes!

  8. I thought the lace came wjth the dress. That’s a brillant idea. Cute wedge. Love the way you played with the belt too.

  9. Such a pretty floral dress! Those yellow wedges add so much fun to this outfit


  10. This dress is ammmazing I really love the print and it looks great with that belt. Those shoes are seriously gorgeous too, how fun!! I feel so bad for everyone affected by this hurricane, hopefully everyone is able to rebuild and gets the support they need

  11. You are one gorgeous lady (that hair…I’m jealous!). I’m loving this look, the shoes especially! So glad I came across, just need to go back now and catch up with all your other posts!

    Happy new follower!

    PS. I’m over here:

    • Thank you so much Katya! These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes, my mom bought them when she traveled to Italy when she was in her 20’s and she passed them down to me right before I left for my trip to Italy my junior year of college. So glad you found me and Wore Out!

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