School Boy Blues

Sunnies: Zinnia, Sweater: Lands’ End (via Goodwill), Tee: Target,

Belt: Forever 21,  Skirt: Vintage (via Downtown Threads),

Heels: Guess (via TJ Maxx), Opening Ceremony Hair Donut Tutorial 

How did you all fair this weekend? We experienced serious winds and the heavy constant rain brought devastating flooding in many parts of Vermont.  I wore this last Friday. Even though it was perfect late summer weather the cardigan was much needed during the day as my office is always freezing.

I scored a ton of great fall pieces when my sister Anna and I went thrifting at Saver’s last weekend. From the boy’s section alone I came away with a Polo button up, black and navy blazer and this navy blue school uniform sweater by Lands’ End.  I can see myself wearing this outfit into fall and even winter with a pair of tights, chunky heels or clogs,  a knit scarf and a great hat.

The camel and navy look paired with the white linen skirt. give this look a university chic feel. This outfit’s silhouette reminds me of New England Ivy League in the late 50’s early 60’s. I’m on the hunt for a perfect patch or varsity letter for the sweater and I have lofty plans for the black blazer (that includes my new bedazzler!)

Were you affected by Irene this weekend? What additions have you made to your wardrobe for fall?


7 responses to “School Boy Blues

  1. Hi dear. thank you so much for leaving me a comment! I adore your sunnies! Thanks God Irene decide to get out of Florida!

  2. Adorable shoes! The whole outfit is great. Good look on your fashion scavenger hunt. Patches are great.


  3. I like those oxfords! I’m in the Midwest, so we were lucky to have nice weather over the weekend.

  4. Those shoes …. droooooooooool ….

  5. love love your outfit and styling! and wish i had your beautiful natural red hair! xoxo

    hope you had the chance to enter my current “Goodie” #Bag of your choice Giveaway!

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