Gone Fishing

Hat (w/ red hawk feather): Gifted, Dress (worn as top): H&M,

Shorts: DIY, Wellies: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bag: Philly

I snapped these photographs last week when D took me to his secret fishing spot. I had better luck finding pretty rocks than fish but it was still a lot of fun. Even though we headed to the river in the late afternoon it was still pretty warm so I kept my look simple and fun. The hat and feather were both given to me by D’s dad who shares my love for sunglasses and hats, he’s in a rock band so his collection is almost as eclectic as mine!

While D and I were driving back from my parent’s house last night we both marveled at how lucky we were to live in such a beautiful state. Vermont’s hills and valleys are so lush and it seems that every shade of green is represented. It only takes being away for a few days to really realize and appreciate how clean, beautiful and well preserved Vermont’s natural beauty is.

What do you love about your home state’s landscape?



5 responses to “Gone Fishing

  1. Awww you like to fish too? Me too, but I never look so chic when I go fishing!! LOL


    • D got me into fishing and I have to say that I really like it now. It’s nice to just be out on the water and I enjoy the quiet. The fishing is just starting to get good up here so I’m thinking there will be more fishing posts coming!

  2. Vermont really is an absolutely gorgeous state. I love California, but I often miss the lush green hills of Vermont. And the four seasons, I miss those too…except winter. After 21 years of New England winters I can definitely say I am hood if I never have to suffer through one of those.

    My Dad used to take me fishing when I was younger. Haven’t been in probably 8 years or so now, but I remember loving it.

    P.S. Love the outfit.

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