Italian Cowboy

Tee: Target, Belt: Battery Street Jeans, Skirt: Downtown Threads,

Bangles: Gifted & Thrifted, Boots: Florence, Italy

Ever have one of those days when you wake up and feel totally uninspired by what your closet has to offer? Well this is outfit is a direct product of that type of feeling and if I didn’t have to be at work by 9am I would probably still be standing in my closet with a blank look on my face. If I don’t plan, or at least think about my outfit the night before it’s a total crap shoot. Sometimes I end up throwing together great combinations but other times… well it just isn’t pretty.

When nothing in my closet jumps out at me I opt for comfortable, casual clothes. For me it doesn’t get much more comfortable than this red skirt from Downtown Threads (seen here & here). It just fits and flatters in all the right ways and works with so many other things in my closet (even though it’s the only red article of clothing I own).  I don’t know why but for some reason I always wear this skirt with blue tops. Maybe it’s the patriot in me of the fact that I have no idea how to style red on a redhead but for some reason I always end up looking like the fourth of July.

What do you wear when you’re feeling uninspired by your wardrobe? Do you plan your outfits out or do you just wake up and go? 


5 responses to “Italian Cowboy

  1. Coulda fooled us! This is a great look! I love the color blocking and the boots are unexpected, but a great touch!

  2. This outfit is gorgeous! When I have no idea what to wear I usually end up trying on everything in my closet until something feels right. If that doesn’t work then I just toss on jeans and a tshirt.

  3. definitely yes, I do wake up sometimes and not knowing what to wear. I don’t like planning and co-ordinating my clothes. I usually just pick and wear according to my moods. But I did a crazy thing, I did some fashion scrapbook of magazine cut outs and left it in my wardrobe, for the days I feel uninspired. Nice outfit by the way, the boots are fabulous! I like the color blocking.


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  5. Yes sometimes there are days like this. Nothing wrong with a little bit of patriotism. lol. I love the belt with this look dear, gives the look an artistic flare. -xo

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