A Weekend Errand

D and I are off to IKEA!We should be back sometime late tomorrow night*

What are your plans this weekend? What errands are you running?

*did I mention the closest IKEA is in Canada?


3 responses to “A Weekend Errand

  1. There’s no better place in the world (maybe one or two) than Ikea. Ikea is an all day adventure for me. I even slept outside under the star when Ikea first opened in Atlanta with hopes to be one of the first 100 to go inside. I made it. I was 99 and my mom was 100. We won free chairs.

    • Love it, Dr. Regina! IKEA is totally worth camping out for. Our trip was such a blast! I ended up with some great stuff for my new little office nook. I just wish there was one closer.

  2. My weekend has been all about relaxing, cleaning (opposites, yes but both are needed!) and catching up with some of my closest friends. Oh my gosh, is the closest Ikea really the one near Montreal?! Regardless, have fun! I love going to Ikea 🙂 Thanks for commenting on my blog! 🙂

    xx from Montreal,

    I Bleed Fashion

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