Wore Out’s Look of the Week

Breath easy all, we’ve made it to Friday! This week I settled back into my normal routine after a quick vacation with D, showed off my new wedges and flocked about in a cropped top.

While I may be slow to adopt new trends this blogging beauty isn’t just on trend, more often than not she’s spearheading them. Wore Out’s Look of the Week is none other than…

Beth Jones from BJones Style!If you aren’t following B. Jones Style you’re missing out. Seriously, bookmark this blog now and stop by often. Beth is always wearing the hottest new trends while maintaining her own killer style making her blog a constant source of inspiration.

Aside from stunning outfits and amazing thrifting/consignment advice B Jones Style also features some of the best beauty, hair and style tutorials on the web. From turning your favorite vintage scarf into a turban or copying Carrie Bradshaw’s always perfect top knot Beth’s tutorials break each step down into easy to follow instructions with tips on how to make each look your own.

For girls like me who are cautious when it comes to adopting new styles Beth makes even the boldest trends seems easy to wear and approachable. Whether your looking for inspiration on how to make menswear work for you or tips on how to get the most out of your next thrifting trip Beth’s got you covered and then some.

How was your week? What blogs/bloggers inspire you?

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