Wore Out’s Look of the Week

Let’s hear it for the holiday weekend! I am so glad it’s Friday and words can’t express how happy I am that I get Monday off.

Sadly the video I posted on Saturday wasn’t a spoof, you can actually buy pajama jeans… don’t! Monday was all about High Fashion at the Shelburne Museum, Tuesday’s post featured a $2 special, while Wednesday and Thursday were all about a dream and leopard print booties.

With the holiday weekend fast approaching (yay!) I couldn’t imagine anyone looking more patriotic chic than Wore Out’s Look of the week…

 Kallie from happy, honey, and lark!Red, white and perfect! 

I honestly couldn’t picture an outfit better suited for a chic fourth of July get together than the ensemble Kallie is wearing. Her perfect for twirling skirt adds a touch of whimsy and is perfect for a casual backyard BBQ but dressy enough for cocktails on the patio. Kallie could easily swap her sandals for a pair of wedges if she wanted take this look from day to night.

From the sweet detailing on the skirt to the vintage scarf she expertly styled her hair with, this outfit is all about the details. I love how it’s patriotic but chic enough to be worn all summer long.

When it comes to pulling together a flawless look for the fourth follow Kallie’s lead; use accessories to accent your overall color scheme and don’t go overboard, less is always more when it come to thematic color palettes. While you’re dressing for a holiday you’re also dressing for yourself so stay true to your style and trust your instincts!

What will you be wearing this holiday weekend? How do you plan to celebrate the fourth?

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