Casual and Crisp, Just Like a Cranberry

Sunnies: Chinatown, Blazer: Target, Tee: H&M, Skirt: Downtown Threads, Sandals: Target, Watch: Flea Market, Ring: GILTTwo of my favorite pieces of jewelry

As a redhead I’ve been conditioned to avoid bright warm colors like red, orange and pink but when I saw this skirt at Downtown Threads a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist. I love the deep almost cranberry red shade and I am having so much fun mixing this new color in with the rest of my wardrobe.

There is something so classic about Brenton stripes. They’re neat and polished but without being stuffy. I was a little worried that the navy and white stripes would look a little too patriotic when paired with my cranberry skirt but I think the two strike a perfect balance.

Since I was wearing this outfit to the office (which is freezing!) I opted for my black linen blazer, it gave my look a more polished feel and kept me warm all day. My black and gold sandals were the perfect way to tie the whole look together bringing in the black from the blazer but also highlighting my sweet vintage Joe Camel watch and fierce leopard ring. I’m always amazed when looks just seem to pull themselves together, it makes mornings so much easier!

What’s your favorite way to wear Brenton stripes this summer? What colors do tend to you stay away from?

4 responses to “Casual and Crisp, Just Like a Cranberry

  1. I have the same red-headed fears, but I tend to soldier through and wear those colors anyhow because I like them so much. I love that cranberry red and have a skirt of my own in that color that I’m absolutely wearing to death.

  2. I love this polished look, and the sandals bring it down to a summer-chic level which is absolute perfection. I think the skirt suits you well, both in fit and color- good for you for throwing that old redhead style rule to the wind. LOVE the addition of the blazer too.

  3. That look is so polished, you look terrific. I love the proportions of the blazer, it’s a really great cut for you! I tend to stay away from yellow, since I get so pale in the winter and it tends to make me look sick, but I just gave it a try for graduation and I think it turned out okay.

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