Fun New Frock

Earrings: ?, Dress: Handmade Vintage (via Clothes Line), Wedges: Target

Can you tell I’m in love with my new dress? Usually I’m not drawn to such bold colors but something about this piece just spoke to me and the fact that it was handmade sealed the deal. One of my favorite parts about this dress is the mixture of patterns. I love how the sleeves and bottom of the dress are done in a different but complimentary pattern. The richness of the colors reminds me of something you would see at an open air markets in Morocco.

Since the dress makes a statement all on its own I decided to keep the rest of the look minimal. I bought these wedges two summers ago and have just started to wear them more regularly. I liked how the brown worked with the colors of the dress. The wedges height helps with lengthening the look of my legs… that’s a win win in my book.

I’m really looking forward to styling this dress in the fall with colored tights and boots. Isn’t it funny, summer has only just begun and already I’m thinking up outfits for the fall. I guess the grass is always greener.


How seasonal is your wardrobe? When do you start looking ahead to the next season’s trends?


4 responses to “Fun New Frock

  1. This dress is absolutely gorgeous!

    • Thank Piper, something about the pattern and the colors just spoke to me (and for $12 how could I not?!) I’m loving the black and white skirt you’ve got on today and your hair is ahmazing!

  2. That’s an amazing dress! It does look very exotic!

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