Wore Out’s Look of the Week

Please excuse my absence these last few days, I forgot how hectic moving is! D and I are all moved in to our new place and this weekend we have grand plans of unpacking (with a trip to the farmers market and dinner with friends mixed in!)

I’ve still be taking outfit pictures and I have a lot to share with you all so bare with me as I get settled and I promise to return to my regular posting schedule as soon as humanly possible… ie when we get the internet hooked up at the new place.

Enough about me though…

I am thrilled to announce that Wore Out’s Look of the Week goes to Hannah of Heart City Vintage! The title Hannah choose for this look says it all, “Sparkle Power.” Girl, you had me at sparkle. I love everything about this look. It shows just how easy it is to dress up a pair of cutoffs and make a show stopping top a bit more casual. Hannah’s sparkly vintage top is what dreams are made of and doesn’t it just look amazing with her red hair!? I can only imagine the parties this top has seen. Can’t you just picture a 60’s vixen rocking this top with a pair of black hot pants at Studio 64 or the roller disco?

Not only does Hannah blog but she also curates a wonderful etsy shop (where this amazing top is for sale!) Hannah’s looks are a constant source of inspiration and her style is effortless. Don’t miss out,  stop by Heart City Vintage and check it out for yourself!


One response to “Wore Out’s Look of the Week

  1. oh wow, thanks! i’m honored!

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