Wore Out’s Look of the Week

Happy Friday All!

The weather in Burlington was crazy last night! We got pounded by a string of intense thunderstorms and were under a tornado warning for most of the night! This weekend is the last big packing push before the move. D and I have been  packing like crazy but there’s still a lot that needs to get done. We just can’t wait to be settled into our new space.

This week I took the Boy Scout motto to heart and prepared styled an outfit with surviving the rapture in mind. I wore one of my more sparkly finds from the Clothes Exchange, ate my first rainbow cupcake and had a terrible hair day in a confusing coat. It was quite a week indeed!

I’ve decided to move away from Friday Finery & Frivolities and instead continue with Wore Out’s Look of the Week. I just wasn’t happy with how the Friday F & F was turning out, so it was time to move on.

That being said I am very excited to announce that this week’s Look of the Week (along with belated birthday wishes!) goes to:

Maria of Lulu Letty! The first thing I said when I saw Maria’s outfit was, “I want it!” Everything works so well together from the dark wash of her vintage inspired flares to the burnt orange of her drool worthy handbag. Not only did her outfit catch my eye but her photographs did as well. The colors are so rich and the lighting lends it a particularly nostalgic feel. Besides Lulu Letty Maria also blogs over at the Delightful Dozen, where she collaborates with 11 other seriously stylish blogging ladies. If you haven’t checked them out you’re missing out!

I’m loving everything about Maria’s simply stylish look! Perfect for running errands, grabbing lunch with the girls or enjoying a drink at an outdoor cafe.

What’s your favorite part of Maria’s look? Where would you wear this outfit?


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