A Poncho Cape Wrap Blanket Coat Thingy

Sunnies (last seen here): Gifted, Necklace: Zinnia, Belt: Target,

Tee (not pictured): Target, Poncho/Blanket Coat: Clothes Exchange,

Skirt: Forever 21, Boots: ItalyThe above picture is what happens when you mix a photo timer, lightweight tripod and high winds… Half posing, half lunging for the tipping tripod

If I don’t straighten it my hair naturally morphs into an insanely voluminous afro…I wish I was joking. In a last ditch effort to tame my fro before dashing off to work I created this pile tangle of braids and curls… which has to be one of the worst hair moments of my adult life! I seriously hated how my hair looked and unfortunately I think that shows in these photographs.

I got this striped poncho/blanket coat at the Clothes Exchange last week and I haven’t taken it off since. Is it bulky, yes. Isn’t it too late in the year to be wearing wool, maybe but I can’t help myself. I love the colors and it’s been really fun to style because it can be worn so many different ways.

I wore it as more of a wrap coat above but it can also be buttoned into a coat/cape like shape.  For the wrap coat look I just folded the buttons under, crossed the sides over one another, belted it and then adjusted the draping. Pretty simple and straightforward. Even though the wind was wrecking havoc on my tripod it ended up creating a really beautiful billowing effect with the sleeves. It almost made me forget about how awful my hair looks… almost.

I’m really looking forward to having more time to style and experiment with this piece in fall.  The weather has finally started warming so I think this will be my poncho’s final outing until Autumn. I can’t wait to pair  with ridding boots and skinny jeans/leggings or with dark wash flares, chunky heels and a fun hat.

Would you take outfit photos if you were having an epically bad hair day? Is your wardrobe strictly seasonal or do you blur the lines a little bit like I do?


6 responses to “A Poncho Cape Wrap Blanket Coat Thingy

  1. Love this piece! Great colors too.

    • You’re so cute Leah! Drive safe and make sure to pack extra rain gear. We’re expecting up to 70 mph winds tonight with hail!

  2. LOVE the poncho/blanket/coat/whateveritworks. And I, who am having a similarly awful hair day, say wear whatever makes you damn happy, every time you can get away with it, and own it, on the internet and in life!

  3. loving those colors!!!!! cute outfit!

    come visit my blog cause you’re featured on my last post as Favorite Comment on my Blog this Week!!!!!!! 🙂


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