Rainbow Brite Delights

My first rainbow cupcake… YUM!

This past weekend I had my very first rainbow cupcake! It was an impulse buy as we were leaving Junior’s and even though I was stuffed I still managed to find room for this colorful (and wildly moist) cupcake. The frosting was perfectly sweet and surprisingly light, topping each bite perfectly… *sigh*

I loved Rainbow Brite when I was a little girl so naturally I jumped at the chance to enjoy this similarly colored confection. Stylistically Ms. Brite was ahead of her time, she’s been sporting a perfectly chic color blocked mini dress for decades… but I digress.

Even if you’re not a fan of this season’s color blocking trend or Rainbow Brite (though I don’t know if that’s possible) here are a few places for inspiration, recipes and the how to’s when it come to making your own Rainbow Brite Delights!

Our Best Bites is a wonderful resource for all types of recipes accompanied by beautifully shot pictures and easy to follow instructions.  They also have a great recipe for colorburst cupcakes (and Sara is a Rainbow Brite enthusiast like myself!)

Looking for a more multi-media approach? Check out this great video, it lays it all out step by step.

Want your eye makeup to match your cupcakes? Then this tutorial for Rainbow Brite eyes is a must watch.

Were you a Rainbow Brite fan growing up? Have you ever tried/made your own rainbow cupcakes?


4 responses to “Rainbow Brite Delights

  1. What a pretty cupcake! My friend and I made rainbow cupcakes once, they were awesome and not too hard to make, either!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  2. That looks soooooo delicious, I can’t wait to try a recipe. Also, is there anyone who isn’t a Rainbow Brite fan?

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