Surviving the Rapture

I told you we’d survive!Sunglasses: Chinatown, Headband: Charlotte Ruse,

Scarf: Downtown Threads, Sweater: Vintage LL Bean (via my dad),

Long Sleeve Tee (not pictured): Target, DIY Cutoffs: Aeropostale,

Wellies: Dick’s, Bangles: Vintage, Thrifted & Gifted, Bag: Gifted,

Ax: Borrowed from Woodsman Brian Always take time to smell the flowers, even during threats of rapture

I wanted to make sure the “rapture” was well behind us before I posted these pictures. I didn’t want to be the one trying to save face if the rapture in fact turned out to be real. My roommate Brian snapped these pictures a bit after 6pm on Saturday (supposedly the moment the rapture was suppose to commence).

I planned this look with the goal of surviving the rapture in mind:

Wellies: Rubber soles to safeguard me from lightning strikes and to keep my tootsies dry in the event of epic flooding

Cutoffs: How could I face the rapture if I couldn’t face how I looked in shorts? It was time to get over my embarrassment of my big ole’ white thighs and get on with my life.

Wool Sweater: Not only does this sweater carry special meaning becuase it was my dad’s but it’s practical, warm, perfectly broken in and from LL Bean; (do you think their lifetime guarantee covers the rapture?).

Layers: Who knows what type of climate the rapture will cause, layers allow you to be prepared for all situations.

Scarf: A scarf is one of the most versatile accessories you have. This square scarf is ideal because it can easily be folded or tied into a shirt, hat, coverup or Shemagh as my friend Dan pointed out (in case of sandstorms or just wanting to look like a badass.)

Even though I originally created this look for surviving the rapture I will definitely be wearing it (or a variation of it) again soon. It was so comfortable and now that I know I wont die of embarrassment if my thighs are showing my fashion options just increased ten fold. Summer here I come!

Did you plan a rapture survival outfit? Would you have gone the practical route like me or plan a more glamorous over the top look? What new summer clothes are you looking forward to trying this summer?


5 responses to “Surviving the Rapture

  1. love the scarf and those sweet boots xxo

  2. I just lol’d everywhere. Great rapture/real life outfit, I love the rain boots, they make it seem extra fun!

  3. Ohhh, Rapture. Haha. There were a lot of rapture jokes flying around in my classes today. “I will not accept emails saying, ‘dear professor, due to raining hellfire, my homework got singed and I will not be turning it in.'” was probably my favorite professor quote today. I’m glad to see you stylishly survived, too.

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  5. juliewearswellingtons

    I like your Outfit, I always like to see another Girl wearing Wellingtons.

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