Comfort in the Basics

Sunnies: Chinatown, Scarf: c/o Carol Maguire Home, Jacket: TJ Maxx,

Button Up: Old Navy (via Goodwill), Leggings: Target,

Sneakers: Converse (via Ebay) 

When I don’t feel well I comfort and simplicity are a must! I stayed home from work today and only got dressed to go to the pharmacy to get more cold meds but sometimes just taking a shower, getting out of my sweatpants and tossing on some lipstick is the first step toward feeling better.

Now that Burlington and the rest of Vermont is starting to dry out I decided it was safe for me to break out the all white converse. I’d been looking for a pair of these iconic sneaks for a long time and finally found a great deal on men’s converse ebay. I’m normally an 8.5 in women’s shoes and the men’s size 6 ended up fitting me perfectly. I saved close to $20 by buying the men’s pair!

For me nothing is more comfortable then leggings, I live in leggings. So when I start feeling junky I toss on a pair of black leggings, one of my “grandpa sweaters” as D affectionately calls them and burro into bed. Since Burlington is finally starting to get some sunny weather I swapped out an oversized sweater for an oversized button up.

Whenever I wear oversized or baggy tops I always try to add definition around my waist area with a belt or with cropped layers (like above.) The cropped cut of the jacket gives some shape to the baggy button up but had I been feeling better I probably would have added a skinny waist belt to create a more flattering silhouette.

I was so excited to participate in my very first Everybody, Everywear challenge (and it was florals too!) but just couldn’t seem to muster up the energy this morning to look fabulous in floral so I opted to keep the florals demure and understated with my Carol Maguire Home scarf. I promise for the next EBEW challenge I’ll go all out!

My dear friend Amanda and her mom (Carol Maguire) started Carol Maguire Home almost two years ago out of Amanda’s garage in VT and they have been producing beautiful scarves, totes, bags, and table linens since! All the designs and patterns used are based off paintings that Carol has done over the years. Amanda gifted me with CM Home’s beautiful peony noir scarf and I’m excited to finally get to show it off! If you’re looking to bring some of the beauty of spring indoors then you have to check out Carol Maguire Home!

What do you wear when you’re feeling under the weather? Did you participate in the EBEW floral challenge today?

Florals | Everybody, Everywear


6 responses to “Comfort in the Basics

  1. Found your site via EBEW. Love that scarf!

  2. aw, well, for being sick you look awfully put-together and chic. I like the scarf as the only pattern- lets it stand out more (and the colour is exquisitely coordinated with your hair!)

  3. for not feeling well, you still look adorable, love the sunnies, and get some rest!

  4. you are cute! thanks for the shout-out – love that scarf!! hope you feel better soon! xoxo

  5. I adore leggings too. If I don’t feel good and I have to go out, leggings and a giant thrifted sweater feel enough like pajamas to be tolerated but look decent enough to wear out. Hope you’re feeling better!

  6. I love the simplicity of it all. The scarf adds a very nice touch. ohhhh converse!!! Girl, they are my go to shoe. I really don’t buy sneaks but I will buy ‘Chucks’ all day. The go with ANYTHING!!!

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