Organic Inspiration

Sunnies: Greece, Button Up: Walmart, Earrings: Montreal, Belt: Goodwill,

Lace Slip (not pictured): Vintage (via Etsy),

Dress (worn as skirt): Downtown Threads, Tights: Target,

Clogs: Seychelles (via Amazon)

This outfit came together organically and I must say I’m quite pleased with the results. This skirt is actually a halter top dress that I fashioned into a skirt. I rolled the extra material up towards the waist and then used the ties to secure it behind my waist. If the ties on your halter dress are too short to reach around your waist you can always tuck them into the waist of the skirt or secure them in front with a bow or fun brooch.

When I put an outfit together I usually have a piece that I know I want to incorporate and then I build the rest of the outfit around that item from there. For this look I knew I wanted to pair my clogs with my denim button up. When I laid them out together I decided that I wanted to move away from the western feel that the shoes and top had so instead of a flowing maxi skirt I turned a midi dress into a midi skirt.

The bold colors and pattern of the skirt balance out the western feel of my button up, braided belt and clogs. Since the skirt is sheer I opted to layer everything over a vintage lace slip. I loved how a bit of the lace was visible under my button up. Wearing vintage undergarments always makes me feel so lady like!

I took a chance with this outfit and in the end I was really happy with how it turned out! A big thank you to James from Downtown Threads for snapping these pictures for me (right before I got sick).

How to you put outfits together? Would you wear a dress as a skirt? 


2 responses to “Organic Inspiration

  1. your over sized sunnies are so fun!

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