Rain Rain Go Away!

Sweater: Target, Belt: Possibilities Shop,

Skirt: Vintage (via Downtown Threads), Tights: Target,

Heels: Michael Antonio (via Endless)

Recently the vibe in Burlington and much of Vermont has been a tense one. The almost constant precipitation combined with biting winds and unseasonably cold temperatures (barely in the 40’s) have made battling the flooding a miserable and nearly impossible job; and tomorrow’s suppose to be worse. This morning the lake was at a record 103.5 feet and it’s only rising. My walk to work takes me right along the lake and every day the flood waters (and subsequent debris) are creeping higher and higher. after all the twirling I needed a little sit down

As a result of the above mentioned weather I’ve been forced indoors for my photos (yuck!) so please forgive the florescent lighting and overgrown decorative plants! I last wore this skirt as part of the LBD Co-Lab with my dear friend Carolyn of Fig Dream Designs. I loved how the skirt’s print popped against the red belt when I first wore it but I wanted to keep the colors spring like so I went with a bold peacock blue sweater instead of the LBD.

I got this skirt at Downtown Threads for $7! Their $10 or under sale rack is killer and always being restocked. Not only is this skirt vintage but it’s handmade and fits almost perfectly! One of the reasons I love vintage so much is because each piece comes with its own history and each time you wear it you add to that history.

I wasn’t sure what shoes went best with this look so I kept it simple with my nude Michael Antonio heels. Neutral colors are usually a safe bet when you’re not sure what accessories to pair with your outfit, just make sure you’re neutrals compliment your overall color pallet.

What shoes would you have paired with this outfit? Where do you take outfit pictures when the weather pushes you indoors?


5 responses to “Rain Rain Go Away!

  1. that skirt is so cute, i love the shape of it!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. Discovered your blog via Follow Friday on Twitter (from @areasontobefab). I couldn’t be more excited to find you. I grew up in Vermont until I went to college and then moved out to California. I miss the state and everything about it so much, and so happy to see you bring some style to the little green state!

    Divergent Musings

    • Thanks Kate! I’m so glad you found me! I’m originally from Maine and came to Vermont for college and haven’t left since! Vermont is such a great place to live and work, not to mention my boyfriend is a born and raised Vermonter. Hope the Cali sun is shining today (it’s only in the 50s today)!

  3. Those heels are sexy; And I love your hair color!


  4. That skirt is fabulous, I think the shoes go perfectly with it. I hope the weather improves soon, and that the river goes down.

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