LDB Co-Lab Look #2 Going to Boot Camp

If you’ve been following Wore Out for any period of time then you know these Jeffrey Campbell booties, I’ve lusted over them here and here

Distressed Denim Shirt: Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart,

Braid Belt: T.J Maxx, LBD, Tights: Hanes, Bali, & Playtex Outlet,

 Booties: Jeffrey Campbell Boot Camp Footnotes Online

Can we take a moment to talk about these shoes. I’ve lusted after them for months… I first posted about them in Friday Finery & Frivolities and since then the hunt has been on. Finally I found them and at more than $120 off! It was fashion destiny. They were my first Jeffrey Campbell’s and they wont be my last, I love them.

Even though Carolyn pulled this outfit together it’s exactly my style. I love how she was able to pick up my taste after spending some time in my room and my closet. I absolutely love how this outfit turned out. I would wear it with or without tights and it would look so cute layered with a leather jacket or trench coat.

It’s a much more casual look than the yesterday’s post and I’m loving how the military feel of booties is working with the classic vibe of the LBD. So far I am loving this remixed outfit.

Which look do you like better? Would you wear booties with your LBD? 

3 responses to “LDB Co-Lab Look #2 Going to Boot Camp

  1. i loveeee your boots!!!!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. Those boots were definitely worth the wait, they’re so cute!

  3. So my husband was peeking over my shoulder and asked what I liked most about this outfit and of course it’s the shoes (although the whole thing is pretty awesome) and then I had to google images of JC shoes to show him and now I have an ache in my stomach and a hole in my heart that only owning a pair of Jeffrey Campbells can soothe. So thanks for buying these fabulous shoes and making me realize that I’ll never be truly complete without a pair. Jerk.
    Haha, just kidding on that jerk part. Seriously though, this outfit is great. I will probably copy it somehow this week. LOVE the LBD feature!!!

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