If at first you don’t succeed…

Not posing poser: intermediate

Wind whips my hair back & forth

Sunnies: Downtown Threads

Cropped Jean Jacket: T.J.Maxx (it was $2!)

Locket: Vintage

Sheer Tunic: bargain bin shop in Florence, Italy

Dress: Target

Belt: The Possibilities Shop

Tights: The Sox Market

Red & White Checkered Heels (not pictured): Naughty Monkey via Stella

Can you tell I’m freezing? Because I am…

This was my first time using a tripod and the self timer on my camera, it wasn’t as bad as I expected but ohh man did I choose a terrible day to shoot outside. The wind was whipping in between snow squalls and I was beyond chilly which is why I don’t have any full length photos it was too darn cold outside to futz with the camera! I promise to have better outfit shots for you next time!

This outfit has a sort of patriotic feel to it between the dark wash of the denim and the red leather belt.

I’ve been experimenting using dresses as a layer piece a lot more and I like how using a sheer top adds more interest to the neckline. Adding spring and summer dresses back into my wardrobe is my own little way of rebelling against the freezing weather we’re still having in Vermont. I thought it was spring gosh darnit!

I wanted to keep the outfit lite and fresh so I added a pop of bright red with the belt and used the cropped jean jacket to keep things casual. I had been searching for a cropped, dark wash, jean jacket for months and then when I was in T.J. Maxx I came across this one in the clearance sections for $2! I held my breath as the cashier rang it up, but it really was only $2. What can I say I LOVE a bargain!

What’s your favorite bargain find? What are you adding to your wardrobe now that spring is in the air?


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