Birthday Wishes from a Big Sis

Are you twins?

Every time my younger sister and I go anywhere together someone inevitably asks us “are you two twins?” This question used to make me crazy (I’m four years older!) but recently I’ve started taking it as a compliment.

Goofing off in the accessories department at Target… typical

Today is the first day of spring and it’s also my little sister’s 2oth birthday. I’ve always thought there was an interesting correlation between my sister’s personality and the season that begins on here birthday.

Spring signals the beginning of sunny days and warm weather renewing everyone’s spirits after the long winter months. My little sister is one of the sunniest people you will ever meet and if you’ve spent more than 2 minutes with her you’ve probably heard her laugh and seen her flash a big smile. It’s impossible not to laugh when you’re with her, she’s always doing something outrageous. However don’t let her effervescent personality fool you, she’s one of the strongest women I’ve met.

All the sisters together in the back yard at my parents house 2 years ago, the last time the four of us were together

I’m so happy that we’ve developed such a close bond, even if it does make the time we’re apart feel impossibly long, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. So even though I’m four years older I guess being mistaken for twins isn’t a bad thing (I mean looking young is always in style right?) besides… we really do look a lot alike.

In DC last year for her birthday

So happy birthday to my younger by four years twin sister. I love you so much and I hope this next year is full of great adventures, fun, and love!

Look for this pose in an outfit post soon!


One response to “Birthday Wishes from a Big Sis

  1. Wow, way to make me break down into full blubbery tears. I love you big sis. If it’s possible I miss you even more. You’re amazing and I’m so happy that people are getting exposed to your one of a kind, totally crazy, yet totally brilliant fashions- one of my many favorite things about you that make you the sassy VT Breezy you are. I’m literally counting the days until I get to see you twin, I love you so ridiculously much. – A blessed and proud younger sister.

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