Stripes and Spurs

Why didn’t you tell me my hair tie was ruining the shot?

So I have something to confess, I feel terribly awkward posing for photos and I’m afraid it’s starting to show! Now that I have almost two weeks of posting under my belt I’ve been able to see what areas of Wore Out need more work and I just want to say thank you for sticking it out with me as I smooth out all the rough edges. I feel like the crappyness of my camera combined with my bush-league posing skills have made my outfit posts resembling facebook candids rather than styled looks.

D promised to help me find a camera this week so upgrades are abound! I’m also excited because Burlington is getting some amazing post Daylight Savings light which means I’ll be able to take more outdoor outfit shots (natural light makes such a difference!)

Can’t decide if the stripes are more “cat in the hat” or “prison-esque”

Locket: Vintage

Cardi: Kmart

Dress: H&M

Belt: (taken from above cardi)

Owl Ring: Forever 21

Tights: The Sox Market

Boots: Steve Madden

just laying around

my owl ring is much friendlier in person

The first change I plan on making is not smiling (as much) or looking at the camera. (Don’t worry, I have no intention of mean mugging in all future post) I just want to play with more subtle, natural facial expressions.

memo to self: invest in orange/reddish hair ties

When I’m putting together an outfit I find one piece that’s really speaking to me and then build the rest of the look out from there. In this case I had my heart set on wearing my striped tights. Since the focal point of the outfit (my tights) were a bit outside of my comfort zone I decided to stick with more traditional color pallet and accessories.  Rich brown and navy blue really compliment each other (I wear the two together a lot) so when I wanted to add a little height and interest to this look I reached for one of my favorite pairs of well worn boots!

downtown or hoedown, you decide!

I bought these boots right before my sophomore year of college and almost 5 years later they’re still in rotation. These were my first pair of cowboy boots and since then I’ve acquired quite a collection, but these are my favorite. Boots have long been an indulgence of mine, D calls them my gateway drug because my love for fashion and style (which is still very new) grew out of my love for boots.  Fabulous boots need fabulous outfits right?

What got you started on fashion? How to you put together your outfits?




One response to “Stripes and Spurs

  1. Love it! You look like Wendy from Peter Pan. Now if only that was a wolf ring instead of an owl…

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