Double Denim and Other Fashion Faux Pas

Please excuse my popped collar and my camera’s epic focus fail

It could be just the midweek slump or it could be the fact that I work 12+ hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays but I am wiped out and ready for the weekend (and Burlington’s dreary weather is not helping.) Believe me I’m as wore out as I look!

Denim on denim is a new concept for me so I eased into this hot trend slowly pairing a faux denim pencil skirt with a thrifted mens chambray button up. Using contrasting washes and textures when pairing denim will help you avoid the Canadian tuxedo look. The pencil skirt has a wonderful sheen, almost sparkly quality to it (that my craptastic camera failed to pick up) which I thought added a little extra oomph to the otherwise laid back look.

I choose a wide double braid belt to help break up the denim love fest and to bring out the dark almost black brown spots in my cheetah print flats. I know mixing black and brown is considered a faux pas by some but I figured if I was already rocking double denim that a little black and brown mixing couldn’t hurt.

Do my two fashion wrong make a fashion right?

Chambray Button-up: Goodwill

Double Braid Belt: Forever 21

Pencil Skirt: Forever 21

Tights: The Sox Market

Cheetah Print Flats: Target

Watch: Vintage (D’s dad picked it up while traveling in the Caribbean)

This watch has quickly become one of my most treasured pieces of jewelry. When I saw it on D’s desk I immediately pounced on it (he’s not much for jewelry/accessories) but clearly his loss is my gain! D’s dad got it for him from a flea market/bazaar type place while he was traveling in in the Caribbean. I love the band and the large vintage face. I can’t wait to wear it this summer with cutoffs, a white tee, strappy sandals and my straw fedora!

A few weeks ago I had the battery replaced  at a local jewelry store and the jeweler asked me if I was interested in selling it! I of course replied no but I was excited that someone else found this piece as special as I do!

What pieces of jewelry are most special to you?

One response to “Double Denim and Other Fashion Faux Pas

  1. love the denim on denim, you paired it well. 🙂

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