Poncho Pile-up

So it’s not Mount Everest… but it  is a result of what was the biggest March snow storm on record! Burlington got over 25″ of snow!

After the 3rd largest storm on record in Burlington the city looks like a winterized chutes and ladders board game. The sidewalks have literally turned into chutes with sidewalls of snow that reach up to my chest in some places. It’s pretty wild!

Sunglasses: Downtown Threads

Poncho: Vintage via Old Gold

Dress (hidden by mammoth poncho): American Apparel sidewalk sale

Tights: Target

Monster Winter Boots: Ulu







The sun came out to aid in the clean up today and I couldn’t have been happier! Since it wasn’t very windy out the sun kept things bright and relatively warm; perfect poncho conditions! Not to mention that the glare off the err… snowbanks was so bright I had to wear my largest sunglasses for protection. Like I always say it’s better to be chic than sorry!

I noticed that I like these photos more than the ones from previous posts and I think it’s because I have sunglasses on. My friend Jenna calls sunglasses “hater-blockers” and I can see why. When I have sunglasses on I’m definitely sassier!

I got these sunglasses at Downtown Threads (one of my favorite haunts for ah-mazing vintage, I’m there at least once a week) and I love the drama they add this otherwise laid back outfit.  Not to mention that for under $15 bucks they were a perfect and affordable finishing touch!

What are your go to pieces for when you want to feel sassy and dramatic?



3 responses to “Poncho Pile-up

  1. You’re really too cute for your own good! So. freaking. adorable.

  2. i love the poncho! not sure i could pull it off, it’d probably just look like a potato sack on me lol. and your red hair! ❤

    thanks for your comment on my blog. i'm new to the blogging world so it's nice to make a new friend! 😀


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