Snow, Socks & Citrus

Enjoying a cup of coffee before venturing out into the blizzard this morning.

Burlington got a serious dumping of snow today as March roared in like a lion! Burlington reportedly received upwards of 2 feet, making this the worst March blizzard on record! Since D had no school and my office opened late we got to have breakfast together before work (a rare treat during the week).

This outfit transitions from fruit salad prep to serious snow removal seamlessly

Hat: Forever 21

Flannel: Goodwill

Thermal: Wal-Mart

Leggings: Target

Socks: Kittery Trading Post

Poor D had the whole driveway shoveled before he got the call that school was canceled! I felt so bad, I knew that he would need a pick me up after all that early morning hard labor so I pulled together a bright and sweet fruit salad!

Mango, strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple and bananas!

Shaw’s had some amazing produce deals this week; BOGO on mango and 2 for $5 on strawberries and pineapple! I have been making an effort to keep my diet full of vitamin C as the snow piles up! Not only does it help me fight off seasonal flu viruses, but it makes me feel good.





This was only my second or third time cutting up a whole pineapple so I watched this quick, super helpful video as a refresher. Not only did it show me how to cut it but they also shed some light on how to pick a ripe pineapple, so helpful!

Did you Know pineapples should be placed upside down in the fridge for 30 minutes prior to cutting it open? It allows the sugar that’s settled at the bottom of the fruit spread evenly through the rest of the fruit making your pineapple sweeter!

How did you spend your snow day? What are your favorite lazy day dishes?


3 responses to “Snow, Socks & Citrus

  1. I helped D shovel and got them to dig me a fort.
    It was nice having company all day.

    • I heard the fort is pretty cool, can’t wait to try it out tomorrow. I snapped a great picture of you this morning when you were romping with D. I’ll tweet it at you!

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