Breakfast Pizza & Mardi Gras Recap

Firstly I must apologize for not having a Mardi Gras outfit post to share with you, the err… celebrating started much earlier than planned (and lasted equally late into the night). As a result of the early morning time crunch I had to choose between having an amazing outfit or an amazing breakfast; Fashion 0 – Food 1.

Earlier this week I came across a wonderful and delicious looking recipe/post about breakfast pizza on Smitten Kitchen (a source of not only amazing tasting recipes but posts that look so good they’re borderline food porn).

D’s favorite meal of the day is breakfast and he loves making (and eating) homemade pizza so I thought this would be the perfect breakfast to save us from our post Mardi Gras meltdown…

And boy was I right!

Using Smitten Kitchen‘s recipe as an outline we used what we had in the fridge and some of our favorite traditional breakfast tastes to make it our own.

We browned Canadian bacon (in lieu of regular bacon), topped the crust with a little Monterey jack cheese, three Shadow Cross Farm eggs and topped our BTV breakfast pizza with a drizzle of  hollandaise sauce in a spin off of my all time favorite breakfast meal; eggs Benedict… so good.

Love this picture of D, the shirt says it all.

Overall breakfast pizza was not only surprisingly easy/quick to make but it was wonderfully delicious. We will definitely be making this again (I’m already dreaming of an eggs Florentine version!) Breakfast pizza, an all around hit and the perfect way to recharge after my first Mardi Gras weekend!

This was my first Burlington Mardi Gras and not even the continuous drizzle & often blusterous winds could damp mine or any of the other 20,000 spectators’ spirits! Main St was packed with revelers of all ages but the ones who seemed most excited were the youngest.

This little boy must have collected all the beads that were thrown within 10 feet of where he was standing.

How did you celebrate Mardi Gras? What were the highlights of your weekend?

For more amazing pictures of the Burlington Mardi Gras Parade & Festivities check out the Burlington Free Press slideshow here.







One response to “Breakfast Pizza & Mardi Gras Recap

  1. That looks so yummy! Great job!

    P.S. D’s shirt already has him in my #winning book!

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