My First Wore Out Post!

Showing off my Spots!

I’ve been dreaming of this moment for months now, the day where I would put my first outfit post up on my very own style blog and now that it’s here I’m not quite sure what to say! I’m not sure if it’s the excitement or nerves so I’m going to bust this first post out before the adrenaline wares off and I loose my nerve.

Today was D’s last day of school vacation so we laid low and ran some errands. I was so sick of my heavy down winter jacket that I decided to go with the layered look instead, pairing my faux fur cheetah print jacket with one of my favorite chunky winter sweaters. It’s funny how I’ve had this sweater for over 5 years and I’m just now starting to incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe.

The sidewalks in Burlington are treacherous this time of year! With the snow starting to melt the sidewalks have become lakes during the day and ice rinks at night. I scored these simple black wellies at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $7.98 and when paired with my cozy wellie warmers they are perfect for navigating Burlington’s precarious sidewalks all year long. This time of year for me my outfits are a balancing act between form and function and having a few great pieces makes it a little easier to manage.

What items in your closet do you rely on this time of year?

Jacket: Christmas gift from Mom

Sweater: TJ Maxx

Leggings: Target

Wellies: Dick’s

Wellie Liners: LL Bean

Joe Camel Watch: Vintage



5 responses to “My First Wore Out Post!

  1. LOVE the leopard jacket! Nice find Charlotte!

    • Thanks Leah! While my mom is pretty fashion forward I think Anna helped her out a bit with my holiday wish list this past year.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love your hair! Great post. xx

    • Thank you so much! I love your blog My Chicesque, you got some amazing pieces in your March Haul. Those earrings with the round turquoise stone and the pony’s would be amazing with just about anything this summer!

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